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Spray Valves

DOPAG spray valves are specially designed for contactless surface application of greases and oils. They are suitable for both intermittent and continuous material applications.

A unique key feature of the valves is the integrated nozzle cleaning function. It takes care that the nozzle is flushed by air after each dosing cycle.
The cleaning time is easily adjustable via a screw. Short air ways in the valve body and a flange-mounted 5/2 way solenoid valve allow a very fast and accurate intermittent operation.
A wide range of available spray extensions and attachments open up the possibility of spray application in hard-to-access areas, while various aircaps allow the customisation of the spray coating pattern. If it is flat, round or ring spray, thanks to the broad portfolio almost all kind of spray applications can be covered. Also custom spray extensions are possible, to achieve the perfect spray pattern on your component.

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DOPAG Spray Valve