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Hand spray valve VSP-01 cpl.

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Article number: 1015329
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Product information "Hand spray valve VSP-01 cpl."
The spray valve is used for full-surface applications of greases and oils. It is suitable for both intermittent and continuous material applications. A unique feature of this valve is the integration of a membrane, which is used for the adjustment of the air blow duration after each material shot - this serves the cleaning of the nozzle. Short air ways in the body of the valve and a flange-mounted 5/2 way solenoid valve allow a very fast and accurate intermittent operation. A wide range of available extensions and attachments open up the possibility of spray application in hard-to-access areas, while various aircaps allow the customisation of the spray coating pattern. With the ratchet regulator the shot size can be adjusted easily.
Chem. resistance of metals: Increased resistance
Chem. resistance of nonmetals: No specific resistance
Inner diameter: 1 mm
Material port: G 1/8"
Mech. resistance: No specific resistance
Nozzle version: Standard
Seal material: Viton
Type: Hand spray valve
Version: Basic body

Accessory Items

Connecting cable shielded 10m M12 4-pole straight
Article number: 29.01.289

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