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Material pressure regulators  

DOPAG's material pressure regulators play a crucial role in optimizing the working conditions by lowering the pressure of the pumped material. Specifically engineered for the precise dispensing of greases, oils, and adhesives, these regulators not only reduce pressure but also address pulsations that may arise during the delivery process, especially during the changeover position of the pump in piston pump systems.

This issue is known to cause fluctuations in material pressure and flow, potentially compromising product quality, especially in scenarios involving minimal dosages, continuous dispensing, or spray applications. The material pressure regulator serves as a reliable solution to ensure a consistently stable material flow. In the case of abrasive or reactive materials, our recommendation is the utilization of our material pressure regulator equipped with a diaphragm for optimal performance. 

Piston type Tailored for handling self-lubricating materials like greases and oils, as well as both single and plural component silicones, this variant of the material pressure regulator ensures optimal performance. The sealing of the spring space is achieved through the utilization of a slide ring seal. Diaphragm type Specifically designed for applications involving reactive and moisture-sensitive substances, this type of material pressure regulator is also well-suited for abrasive media, including but not limited to epoxy resins, polyurethanes, and various other materials, thanks to its tungsten carbide ball and seat. The sealing of the spring space is facilitated by a diaphragm, enhancing its reliability and versatility.