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Image individual advice

Individual advice

The DOPAG product portal gives you access to all relevant data at any time. Nevertheless, we rely on individual advice. We will be happy to answer your questions and support you with your project to find the right solution together. Contact us!

Image Large Product Portfolio

Large product portfolio

With our large portfolio we can provide whole system solutions, beginning from the material supply and ending at the outlet valve. Monitor and control devices and all kind of accessories included. Our components are available in a variety of different versions to ensure reliable processing for almost all materials. If it is oil, grease, reactive or abrasive material, we can provide the fitting solution for you.

Image Swiss Quality

Swiss quality

Our pumps and valves are developed, mounted and tested in Switzerland. Therefore we can ensure reliable, precise and safe products at the highest quality standards. Next to that we guarantee a spare parts availability of 10 years to make sure you have a long term and sustainable solution.

Image Fast Delivery

Fast delivery

We have an extensive stock and can also support you at short notice at any time - whether you need urgent spare parts or components for a new dosing system.

Best selling components by category

Dispensing valve ID1
Article number: 401.00.24
Based on the time-pressure dispensing principle, the needle dispensing valves are most effective in continuous applications of low to high viscosity media. Consisting of two structurally separate parts, they have the advantage that material cannot leak into the drive cylinder and interfere with the valve needle movement. The size of the orifice is regulated simply by a stop screw. A special, adjustable seal closes the valve needle off from the valve head, ensuring a perfectly clean and precise application of every single shot. The material passageway can be flushed as and when necessary.

Price on request

Article number: 1025998
The gear flow meter GFM is used for measuring the exact material flow rate at any given moment of single-component media such as greases and oils. The measuring principle is based on the volumetric gear displacement system, characteristic for its accuracy and compressive strength. The measuring element comprises of a very precisely fitted pair of gears placed in the housing of the flow meter. The gears are detected by a contactless sensor system and converted into digital signals. With the new sensor system the signals can be multiplied up to factor 128.

Price on request

Hollow needle Ø 1.50 mm
Article number: 400.70.15

Price on request