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2K Valves

DOPAG 2K valves are used to process 2K materials with similar viscosities and a relatively long pot life.
Recommended mixing ratios are from 100:100 to 100:20. The static mixing system consists of pneumatic driven snuff back piston and a plastic mixer. Due to the infinitely adjustable snuff back function dripping is avoided when metering ends. Different sealing and material versions for chemically aggressive and abrasive 2K materials are available.

If materials with long pot life have to be processed or the viscosities of A and B material are very different, DOPAG provides a static dynamic-mixing valve as well. The valve is equipped with an electric or pneumatic drive that rotates the mixer element of the plastic mixer to achieve a higher mixing energy.

The 2K portfolio is rounded off by a wide range of accessories such as plastic mixers, nozzles, cleaner valves and adapters for ratio control.

If your required configuration is not listed below, please make a request at productportal@dopag.com.