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Dispensing Valves

In all areas of industry, DOPAG's high-quality dispensing valve is used for the application of low- to high-viscosity media, such as adhesives, sealants or lubricants. Furthermore, it can process filled or chemically aggressive 1K materials as well. DOPAG offers a solution for all kind of customer requirements. Thanks to the broad product portfolio with various series, designs and sizes the ideal valve can be selected for every application. DOPAG offers needle and diaphragm dispensing valves for bead or dot application. Depending on the size, the DOPAG dispensing valves can process materials with viscosities up to 2.500.000 mPas, at a working pressure range from 150 to 250 bar.

The DOPAG dispensing valves function according to the proven principle of pressure-time dosing. Due to separated air drive, leakage is prevented and a clean and precise metering at all times is ensured. Additionally the diaphragm type valve works with a snuff back function to prevent material from dripping after dosing. With its robust design, the valve achieves high reliability with low maintenance requirements.

For the dispensing valve different accessories like heating, handles and hollow needles are available. For controlling and monitoring, we provide solenoid valves and stroke detection as well.

If your required configuration is not listed below, please make a request at productportal@dopag.com.