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Drum Pumps for Lubricants

With the lubriLine series DOPAG offers specially designed drum pumps for the processing of low to medium viscosity lubricants. The robust and easily maintainable double acting piston pump delivers greases and oils directly, efficiently and without air pockets (air bubbles) from original containers. Different types of follower plates are available to cover all kind of container sizes and forms (cylindrical, conical, with beads, cartridges etc. The lubriLine pumps are suitable as central material feed systems as well as individual feed systems.

The pumps are characterized by their modular design, which can be expanded according to customer requirements with various options such as mixers, filters or external connection for monitoring and controlling. To reduce the system pressure during downtimes and prevent material separation a pressure release unit can be integrated. For the minimization of material waste there is the possibility to use a drum bottom detector, which takes care that the alarm settings can be adjusted more accurately to the used drum type than common systems. If required, manual 1- or 2-hand safety operation is available as well.

To guarantee a continuous material feeding during container changeovers the pumps are available as tandem version. As soon the first drum pump reaches it’s empty level the system automatically switches to the second pump to ensure an uninterrupted material supply. 

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Drum Pump for Lubricants