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Metering & Dispensing

When it comes to metering and dispensing, DOPAG offers a comprehensive selection of different application valves and applicators in the 1K and 2K range. Depending on the material properties, the shape, quantity and accuracy to be applied, we offer the right solution for almost every application. Whether the material is to be applied volumetrically via the piston dosing principle, via progressive cavity or gear technology, or via simple time-pressure dosing, we offer maximum choice and flexibility for the metering of lubricants, adhesives and sealants.
Depending on the accessibility to the customer part and system environment, you can also choose between metering components for contact and contactless application. With contact application the material is dispensed directly onto the part. Whereas with contactless application, the material is applied from a distance by shooting, spraying or spinning. 

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DOPAG Dispensing valve