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Rotary Applicators

For continuous 360° greasing or oiling, like e.g. cylinder coating our high-performance rotary applicator RAP-01 is the ideal solution. It was designed for rotary metering of greases and oils inside bores and other inner contours. The DOPAG RAP-01 is characterized by a specially developed and patented technology for rotary dosing. The material is applied contactless by a high spinning centrifugal disc in form of a ring. With this new technology a wide range of different ring diameters, ring heights and layer thicknesses can be covered. At the same time a clean material distribution is achieved without the common problems of spray mist (overspray) or material dripping.

Due to the compact and light design and the electrical drive the RAP-01 is ideal for automated applications. With its self-cleaning function, it can reduce maintenance requirements to a minimum. Optionally, the rotary applicator RAP-01 is available with a 24V heating including a temperature sensor. Also available are a silencer kit, stroke detection and light barrier for shot detection.

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DOPAG Rotary Applicator