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Metering Units

The metering unit is a combination of a flow regulating valve, gear flow meter and dispensing valve, which are controlled by PLC. The metering unit is primarily used for the precise dosing of oils, greases, silicone or PU systems.

The advantage of a metering unit is a compact overall system for continuous applications of low to high viscosity materials. The amount of material dispensed is recorded and regulated by the control unit via the gear flow meter. As soon as the target quantity is reached, the dispensing valve closes and stops the material discharge. The flow regulating valve is also integrated into the control circuit. Before the desired target quantity is completely discharged via the dispensing valve, the material flow is automatically throttled via the flow regulating valve.

 The remaining quantity is then discharged at a reduced flow rate - similar to a filling station - which enables precise dosing with a high level of repeat accuracy.

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