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Shot Valves

Shot valves are extremely fast-switching valves designed for the contactless application of grease and oil in automated processes. They are capable of dispensing the smallest amounts of material from a distance at cycle rates up to 200 Hertz.
Therefore, the shot valve is ideal to apply material in hard to access areas very quickly for automated large-scale production. The valves are available with both short and long nozzles, which enables them to cover various angles of application. Depending on the nozzle size, media with different viscosities can be processed easily. 
We also provide a luer lock adaptor to be able to use standard plastic nozzles. To increase process stability, pressure sensor, heating, needle stroke detection and light barrier for shot detection are available as options.

Key Features

  • Shot application 
  • Switching frequency 200 Hz 
  • Input pressure max. 100 bar   
  • Nozzle size Ø 0.2 - 1.0 mm   
  • 24 V DC solenoid valve for maximum shot frequency   
  • Adjustable needle rise (raster regulation)   


  • Stroke detection device with cable 
  • Nozzle extensions with various lengths and shot angles 
  • 24 V / 50 W heating with temperature sensor PT100 
  • Silencer kit Pressure sensor 
  • Light barrier for shot detection 
  • Rotary applicator
If your required configuration is not listed below, please make a request at productportal@dopag.com.
Shot Valve by DOPAG