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Pressure Vessels

Depending on the nature of the application, the ability to directly transfer material from the original containers using a transfer pump can prove beneficial. DOPAG's transfer pumps, equipped with a fast-switching air motor, are designed as double-acting pumps for the reliable processing of low viscous and flowable materials. The pumps are available in different lengths and can be adjusted to the drum used. In addition to the option of mounting the pump directly on the drum as a bung hole pump, it can also be mounted outside the container on a pneumatic lifting system or a simple wall bracket. For particularly demanding materials, DOPAG also offers pumps in ATEX or stainless steel version.

 Key Features

  • Low viscosity material feeding via a bung hole
  • Flow rate up to 6.0 liter per minute at 20 double strokes
  • Pressure ratio up to 36:1
  • Max. viscosity 80'000 mPas
  • Sealing available in various sizes and material finish

If your required configuration is not listed below, please make a request at productportal@dopag.com.

Pressure Vessels by DOPAG