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Metering Valves

The precise DOPAG metering valves were designed for dot application of low- to high-viscosity media such as greases and oils. They are equally suitable for adhesives, sealants and silicones. The qualitative DOPAG metering valves have been used in all industrial sectors for decades. DOPAG metering valves meet all the requirements and standards that are important for optimum metering results, namely the highest precision and quality standards as well as very good reproducibility.

The DOPAG metering valves are based on the proven volumetric metering principle. During metering cycle an exact defined metering volume is discharged. The metering volume can be precisely adjusted by stop screw. Shot sizes between 0.001 ml and 100 ml are possible depending if a needle or chamber metering valve is used. The valves are easy to integrate in automated production lines. For manual application both valve types are available as handheld versions with an ergonomic design.

Different accessories like heating, pistol handles and hollow needles are available as accessories. For controlling and monitoring, solenoid valves, stroke detection and flow sensors are available as well, to guarantee highest process effectivity and reliability.

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Metering Valve by DOPAG