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Table of type codes PCP

Progressive Cavity Pumps

The progressive cavity pump (PCP) is an advanced volumetric dosing device that ensures continuous and gentle material processing with high precision. The rotational movement generated by the eccentric screw guarantees exceptionally precise and even material discharge, while the dosing quantity is infinitely adjustable. The unique rotor-stator combination effectively reduces wear, especially when handling abrasive materials, thus ensuring a long service life and optimum cost efficiency. At the same time, the PCP is ideal for processing particularly pressure-sensitive materials, as the material is transported with particularly low shear and pulsation. When is the PCP used?

  • For small volumes (> 0.002 ml per shot) At low pressures (ideal with pressure vessel or cartridge supply) 
  • With filled materials (filler content of up to 60%) 
  • High flexibility requirements (dots and beads on one customer part) In automated processes (electrical control by servo motor and light design)